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The Neon Gryphon

Artist's Journal

This LJ is for NeonGryphon.com and other related sites under the name NeonGryphon and the new handle Zyden. This journal is used for updates, work-in-progress, arty projects and any related gossip. Some comments will be viewable to the public, others will be screened to friends only. To become a friend, please leave a little information about yourself in a comment. Do not be offended if it takes some time for me to add you to my list, or if I do not add you at all; My friends page gets very full at times.

Comments in public entries are screened – this is an unfortunate result of people spamming with links to inappropriate sites, adult material, referral schemes and other advertising which isn’t related to this journal. Since I can not possibly be moderating each post 24 hours a day, comments will remain screened. Don’t bother spamming this journal, no one can see it!

Rules for public posts:
Anom commenting is disabled.
Comments in public posts are screened (see above).
Trolls and spammers will be banned without warning.
IP tracking is always turned ON.
Please don't retaliate to any flamers or trolls. Such comments are deleted without reply.
No links to adult images permitted.