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I'll tell you what you're worth

An individual on DA keeps emailing me from a group, asking me to make tiny pixel art for his website game. It’s something akin to Neopets slash Gaia. I’m really not into either of those things, and I haven’t even touched pixel art in my life. So why they keep noting me about it when clearly I am not interested I have no idea. But these things alone don’t bother me much. What did bother me is the line “you will be paid based on the quality of the art you supply.”

Now hang on. Since when does someone else get to price my work, paying me a rate based on their appraisal of my skills, especially after they’ve received the work? Insulting, pretentious and did I mention insulting?

As a freelancer, I have a particular system for commissions that has proven itself to be the best method through years of fine-tuning from experience. I have already examined my work for quality and reflected on the value of my time. I continuously reassess my prices and my art, and it’s only respectful of the commissioner to agree with those terms and the rate, or else seek another artist.

If you’ve had a similar offer, please do not feel flattered that someone else is planning on pricing your work for you. A good commissioner will have read your terms, and will negotiate a price with you that you’re both happy with. Don’t let someone else move in and tell you what you’re worth paying, especially when they hold the artwork in their hands. It only invites mistrust, distress and low self-esteem.
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(no subject)

The bank finally coughed up some compensation, but I won't be 100% satisfied until I receive the cheque.

The heat wave is also over. It gave way to thunder and flooding. D=
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Narcis Stretch

My money, let me show you it.

Hey. Sup?

Sorry for the no-post-longtime. I've been really busy but I still don't feel like I've accomplished anything :|

Good news - I now have my funds from the bank. It only took them 2 months to find it. Major insult - they’ve just blown me off without a penny compensation. All they did was backdate 18 days of interest, giving excuses as to why they are not ~obliged~ to pay me anymore. My eyes boiled in their sockets reading the letter. Don't go thinking I'm letting them get away with that. I am not humbly kissing their tootsies over measly backdated interest that was rightly mine to begin with. I spent week and weeks writing, calling and crying. They can cough up some cash for the criminally bad treatment.

Pissy fit aside, I’m doing fine otherwise getting ready for University on Sept 28th. But I am really really scared ;___;  I can’t think what else I need to buy to equip myself for the impending academic slog.

I’ve opened commissions again now Race for Life is over. I’m mostly taking sketches at a discount and ink work also at a discount. The more I can squeeze in before term starts, the better. Email me to enquire
Details in bottom of my journal over here:
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Muffin Mad

Bank Cripple

I’m having a devastating financial issue at the moment. I’m sorry for any online silence, but it’s been very stressful for me.

It’s a long drawn out story which has unravelled since April, but in short, while trying to transfer my life savings between banks, the new bank have admitted to losing my money. My whole life savings. Every penny I’ve ever squirreled away, and which I had ear-marked as the money to pay my way through University. It’s gone. I can’t access it. Vanished.

In more detail, the new bank at first told me all was fine and everything was set up. I received a letter from the new bank saying my transfer instructions to send the money from my old bank to my new bank had been received and it was being processed (that's the order it's done in - you fill in forms and tell your new bank to tell the old bank to send on the money. Odd way to do it, but that's how the banks work).

The new bank card was then reported missing in the post and they issued me a new one (remember this?). They then took over a month to send me online access codes for the new card. Finally that’s received and working. But when I logged in, my cash transfer from my old bank account had still not appeared in my new bank account. I rang the new bank a few times and was repeatedly told to just ‘wait longer.’ But it was eventually revealed this week that they had actually lost my transfer instructions.

This wouldn’t be an issue in itself, but when I called my old bank, they told me the new bank HAD forwarded on my transfer instructions - the old bank HAD sent them my money - and the new bank HAD accepted my money. So where is it? Not in my account. And that was at the beginning of May.

Without this money, I can’t pay my tuition fees for University. I’ve done everything to try and resolve this; I’ve complained to the old bank to chase it up, I’ve complained to the new bank to chase it up. I’ve complained to the new bank’s independent complaints department to look into it. I’ve swapped my transfer instructions with both banks a dozen times. Rang each department that could be held responsible in turn. Next I’ll be complaining to the Financial Ombudsman Service and maybe having to find myself a solicitor. If this isn’t sorted soon, I won’t be attending University in September… or I’ll have to consider taking out a private loan,  a loan that could cost me huge amounts in interest. But I can’t see myself even getting the loan as I’ll have insubstantial earnings while studying. I can consider begging and borrowing from family, but this could cause massive tension as we are all already very very stretched.

And this doesn’t resolve the fact that my life savings are still missing. I don’t know what more to do. I am completely at the bank’s mercy. I’m just shattered by this and can’t believe such a grievous error could be made.

The bank itself is currently merging with three other banks, forming the second largest bank in the UK. The largest being my old bank. I could maybe understand how this error could happen if I was dealing with a piggybank street corner business, but not these global giants. I have no faith in banks anymore. If I ever see my money again, maybe I should just hide it under my mattress.
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Narcis Sangluna

Race for Life - Last Leg

Current value raised so far: $165.00 USD (Target: $200)

It’s that time again for me to beg, bitch and cry for donations towards my Cancer Research charity race. I’m just shy of my $200 target, so if you have a dollar to spare, please consider donating.

The event is in June, so only a month to go to raise the last $35

Also still looking for pink costume suggestions!

About Race for Life

My employer is promoting the Race for Life to raise money for Cancer Research UK. The charity researches all cancers affecting both genders, supporting scientists, doctors, nurses and cancer patients.

Will you sponsor me for the five kilometre run? The date for the race is Sunday June 7th and I’m collecting donations all the way up till then (and I think a week or two after – I will clarify when donations can’t be accepted anymore). So if you can't spare a donation now, I'm more than happy to accept one at a later date.

The group is hoping to raise £400 for Cancer Research. That’s a little over £130 each (about $200 USD. Big personal target but I'm really hopeful!).

****** Any donation is welcome in any currency. Every penny is valued. I’m accepting contributions on PayPal at NeonGryphon@hotmail.CO.UK,  but please please clearly mark your payment as ‘sponsorship’ so I can put all the donations on my contributions form.  Be sure to select Personal, not Purchase when sending a donation.*******

( If you're a UK resident and pay tax, let me know so I can tick 'giftaid' on my form, allowing Cancer Research to claim a tax break on your contribution).

I’m considering a costume, but I’m not sure what yet. It’s got to be pink. I don’t want to be a bunny because everyone goes as a bunny. Something that could work in layers because in Britain the summer weather is never guaranteed. No hats or wigs, because it’s annoying running with headgear and I do intend on running the whole thing.

If you’re in the UK and want to join yourself, please check it out here:

The registration fee is £12.99  per person. You have to be female. Sorry gents. Don’t ask me why they made it a women-only  fundraiser.
But sign-up quickly because event spaces are limited.
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Narcis angry

Hands off my dosh

I am back from my short break, but calamity has struck while I was away.
Checking my post this morning, I decided to give my new bank a ring about some mail with missing information and the fact it had clearly already been opened prior to me receiving it. At first I suspected people in the house of accidentally opening my mail, which they have all done in the past. This time I’m met with denials; no one has touched my mail or taken anything from it mistaking it for their own.

After calling the help desk, it turns out there should have been a card in that mail, which must have been removed. I’m now going to call Royal Mail about the problem, which I expect they will ignore. I don’t suspect the postman, but someone at a sorting desk.

Naturally I’m really angry, but it looks like I put a stop to it before any money was stolen. My identity I’m not so confident about…I will be closely watching all accounts and mail for anything suspect.

What a miserable thing to return to right after my birthday break.

Email I have yet to sort through, but I'll get back to everyone this weekend. Hope you all had an identity theft free week!
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Narcis Sangluna

(no subject)

I'm away for a few days this week on a short trip, so don't be offended if emails don't get answered until the weekend. I already have a backlog - I am just so busy struggling to give everyone the attention they want IRL. And it's supposed to be my birthday, not there's!
Srsly, take a number. -_- Puu

Be back soon, and another year older.
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Narcis Art

My art makes me cry T_T

No, this isn’t another emo artist fit of self-depreciating abuse. I mean going through my old sketches made me all melancholy with nostalgia. I was just poking through my ancient folders and sketch books for things to send on as gifts, and every page was like, ooo, aaah, oooow *tear*

I wish I could go back at least 5 years to those good times when it was all about getting the idea on paper, scrawling furiously into the night and finally sitting back after hours of concentration with this satisfied feeling that the world was in order now you had the idea down in indelible ink. I just don’t do that anymore.
Everything used to be pens, graphite, paints, pencils. I think my will to sketch slowly dissolved once I moved over to digital art. Then it became all about the details, a fixation on exactitude, a competition to keep up with other excelling artists.

And of course later this year I’ll be at University studying pharmacy, so I doubt highly I’ll ever have the time go back to those intense, oddly stressful yet immensely satisfying sketchathons. And my spontaneous sketching skills were certainly much better years ago than they are now. Somehow I lost that, but I also think I lost the passion for it too. I can’t figure out if I just ‘outgrew’ doodling and concept spinning, or if I trained myself out of it by focusing on polished art all the time.

To be honest, I don’t have as much old art as I wish I did. A few years back I had a big paper clear out, and obviously I only kept what I considered to be my best work back then. I tossed a small forest into the recycling. Now we can’t keep every scribble, obviously. I mean, where would you put it? Got to make way for the 100000000 photographs and all the Sweet 16 and 21st Birthday Cards. The old diaries and School workbooks that make me lulz so hard. You can only dedicate so much space for crazy hoarding. After all, you don’t look at it for years, then its oooo, ahhh, ooow *tear* Rinse, repeat.

On the bright side, every single picture that ever spewed from my brain since 2005 is on a flash drive or dvd. I can increase my crazy art hoarding to my hearts content and have plenty of room for two dozen cats.

From this day on I vow to never delete another picture ever again.
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Narcis eye-con

Call me a whaaambulance.

I had an accident where I trapped my hand and bent my wrist back a few days ago, and though I am certain it’s not broken, the joint is really inflamed and very painful if I extend or abduct it. My fingers aren’t majorly affected and it doesn’t ache anymore. But the shock reminder when I move it brings tears to my eyes. I can not use the wrist to support my weight as it hurts and goes weak. I’ve been taking ibuprofen and gently flexing it, but if I leave it too long (like when I wake up), it cracks, pops and hurts horribly when I move it, right up to my finger tips.
Naturally it is killing my artistic mood and making work difficult. Is it possible I popped it out of place, and how do I pop it back in again?
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