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Fair wage for fair work

Get this. All that time I've been moaning and bitching that I get underpaid for the job I do  . . . that my employer doesn’t seem to give two cents about my qualifications . . . Turns out I was right to moan. I've recently been chasing up a big pay discrepancy, and today my boss came back with her findings. Looks like I have indeed been on the wrong wage for what I suspect is nearly a year and a half.

I'd like 18 months of back-paid wages if it's true. And that pay increase will be VERY handy for University.

Still can't believe it though. If I weren’t so persistent, despite Personnel shrugging me off, I'd never get fair money. I wish staff and employers were more transparent about wages. All this pointless secrecy causes these problems. Lucky my new boss is on my side =) At last, a proper wage I can be proud of might finally be mine!

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