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Not a good day for Chell 8(
I was driving to the hospital for an appointment (ironic), and just as I was crawling down the hill to pick a parking space, a woman in a Peugeot 206 came speeding along, no intention of slowing down despite the limited space, smacked into me and bashed my driver’s side wing mirror off. She then kept going!

I was beeping and fist shaking like you do, and she eventually stopped at the top of the hill. I parked and ran up to confront her expecting an apology, and she was all denial. Can you believe the audacity of some people? I was as far over as I could go with cars parked on my side. She meanwhile had loads of space and no reason to bash me. I suspect between her and her passenger, she was distracted by something. And your car might be new, but mine is newer! Then she argued she didn’t know her own insurance details. I insisted she give her contact info and eventually managed to get her to swap them with me. I know my insurance company won’t pay for the damage because of my excess, so I’m going to post her a letter and enclose a copy of the bill and see if this woman won’t reconsider coughing up after mulling on it for a few days. What a pain. Costs came out of my University savings and I start in two weeks >.<

On the way home I ended up behind a hearse. All right, Powers That Be, I can take a hint. An inch or two more and I could be dead. But now I’m all paranoid 8(
9 years driving and I’ve never had so much as a bump. [/rant end]

At the Hospital, the specialist wants me to consider isotretinoin (Accutane). Has anyone ever taken this drug, have any views on its use for skin? It sounds a bit extreme and very expensive.

Commissions are closed until further notice. University comes first and until I settle into the timetable, I can’t be sure of what I’m doing. There’s already a waiting list, so I’ll advertise any availability when the opportunities pop up. Hopefully there'll be time to squeeze in some me-art too. =3

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