August 23rd, 2010

Narcis Lizkay

Account Change

As swandog rightly pointed out, I should mention on my poor forgotten LJ account that my deviant gallery has moved from TheNeonGryphon to Zyden.

There was a host of reasons outlined in my DA journal, and I got lots of encouraging posts supportive of the move. Sadly some commenters got upset because BAAAAAAWWWW neondragon, why you do this? Now people won't know who you are.
Excuse me? Who? That really confirmed that I had indeed made the right move. Luckily the majority followed me over and I'm really flattered and over the moon that so many people still like to watch me even though I have so little time to paint.

I might make a new lj account under Zyden, but I don't think it would get much use as I'm so busy with medical school. So more likely I'll just continue to keep up on the buzz through this account.

All the art at TheNeonGryphon gallery is staying up for the long term, but new stuff naturally will be added to Zyden.

Thanks very much =D
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